Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One Sentence Perfume Review: Gris Clair, Serge Lutens

I guess you heard the barber shop burned down.

Notes per Lucky Scent: lavender, amber, tonka bean, iris, dry wood, incense
Photo from the Archives of Ontario


chayaruchama said...

Right on, sister.
I can't figure WHY they thought they needed to create this-
Unless Encens et Lavande needed an anemic sibling.

Anonymous said...

ow ow ow
*choked laughing on White Mocha Peppermint Latte*
Now, that's a tingling sensation!

BitterGrace said...

Chay, I kinda hated to diss it--it's one of very few SLs that actually improves on me after the drydown. But that burnt cotton thing was just too much.

Safety first, Renee. Drinking and blog-hopping don't mix.

Perfumeshrine said...

This is a great line! LOL!
I too prefer Encens et Lavande. I guess they had to have a lavender in the export line as well? (since they do it for other "notes" anyway)

leopoldo said...

Encens et Lavande is incomparably better. Hey, I've just written nonsense!

BitterGrace said...

Clever nonsense, though--my favorite kind.

Sarah said...

The barber shop - that is hilarious, as well as accurate. Smells like disinfectant to me right through the drydown. For lavender I'll stick to Brin de Reglisse.