Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Go pleas’d where’er she goes, tho’ long the way"

Yield prompt compliance to the maid’s desires;
A prompt compliance fans the lover’s fires:
Go pleas’d where’er she goes, tho’ long the way,
Tho’ the fierce Dog-star dart his sultry ray;
Tho’ painted Iris gird the bluish sky,
And sure portends, that rattling storms are nigh:
Or, if the fair one pant for sylvan fame,
Gay drag the meshes, and provoke the game:
Nay, should she choose to risk the driving gale;
Or steer, or row, or agile hand the sail:
No toil, tho’ weak, tho’ fearful, thou forbear;
No toils should tire you, and no dangers scare:
Occasion smiles, then snatch an ardent kiss;
The coy may struggle, but will grant the bliss:
The bliss obtain’d, the fictious struggle past,
Unbid, they’ll clasp you in their arms at last.

~ Tibullus, from Elegies
translated by James Grainger

Higuera del Himalaya (Poema de la Tierra), Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre, c.1934-1936