Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Sentence Perfume Review: 28 La Pausa, Les Exclusifs de Chanel

Play-Doh, pencil shavings and Mommy's lipstick--a little girl's dream of being grown up.

Notes per Bois de Jasmin: Iris and more iris, with white floral notes and musk

Photo by Emily and Lillian Selby, ca. 1894-1920


Anonymous said...

So ... do we likee or we no likee? Me, I couldn't get with it.

I am loving the One Sentence Perfume Review!

BitterGrace said...

Thanks. The great thing about the OSPR is that it allows the reviewer to be cagey and non-committal. But since it's you asking, I'll say I liked everything I could find there to like. She's not what you would call deep--plus, you know I have this theory about the neurasthenia that afflicts the House of Chanel. 28 La P. has got a pretty bad case.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy. 28 La P. should come with fainting couch and hand fan.

Perfumeshrine said...

LOL!! Those are hilarious. I didn't get PlayDoh myself (thank heavens!), but it is a delicate thing for anaemic blonde heroines and I fear I am neither...I liked it though!

BitterGrace said...

I did like it, too, Helg. That seems to have been pretty common response. I seem to remember somebody at the Posse saying the same thing: beautiful while she lasted, or words to that effect.