Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jazz Fest, 1977

The news out of New Orleans today is just so sad, it sent me looking for some reminder of happier days there, and I found this fantastic clip of Clifton Chenier. Enjoy.


Mary said...

Stun guns and chemical spray, ain't that a bitch?
Economic cleansing. Keeping the poor from coming back to their city, and (what a shock) the vast majority happen to be black.
Stuff like this just riles the hell outta me.

BitterGrace said...

It does me as well--plus it's just so sad to see the city still in turmoil after all this time. We still talk about getting a place down there--but hell, I don't want to be some post-Katrina carpetbagger, helping to drive up the rents. Better we should just go visit a lot and try to drop bucks where we can.