Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh, the irony

It seems some poor sardonic soul has been busted for a blog comment. To paraphrase the immortal Linus, don't they know sarcasm when they hear it? **I think that was Linus. Anyway, feel free to be as snarky on this blog as you like. You can even say "bomb." If they waterboard your IP address out of me, I'll at least come see you in jail.

**Okay, now I'm thinking it was Charlie Brown. Where are you when I need you, Leo?


chayaruchama said...

Where the hell is our big galoot ???

BitterGrace said...

Dunno--I haven't visited the Posse today, though. Hope he's got a post there.

leopoldo said...

Sorry - been busy with work and Matt's been sick and the posse blog (have to reply to every comment like the diligent boy I am) and all this means I've little time for reading stuff. Still love ya though.

Off to make soup.

Oh, and I tihkn it was CB, not Linus (tho I love Linus).

BitterGrace said...

Poor Matt. I hope he's on the mend.

I'm so embarrassed that I've forgotten my Peanuts trivia. I hope senility isn't setting in...