Friday, August 20, 2010

You know you love it...

Reading, that is--so head over to Chapter 16 for good things to add to your end-of-summer list.

According to reviewer Ed Tarkington, Michael Knight's new novel, The Typist, "achieves in an astonishingly compressed form all the artistry, depth, and seriousness of a thousand-page doorstop of a war novel." Hmmm...maybe that's not a terribly alluring prospect to the average BitterGrace Notes reader, but Knight is an extraordinarily good writer and I know at least one discerning reader with pronounced pacifist tendencies who loved this novel--so I'll definitely be checking it out. Read Ed's review here.

If you're in search of something in a less literary vein, read the review by Anne Delana Reeves of Rosanne Cash's new memoir, Composed, or check out what I have to say about Kathleen Koch's book, Rising from Katrina, which tells the story of the storm's impact on the Mississippi Gulf coast.

Even if you are not book-hunting, you might want to read a couple of recent essays at C16: One by Serenity Gerbman on the joys and sorrows of Kindle ownership, and one by me on the sorrows of backwoods dentistry. (That one may look familiar to readers of the old POL blog.)


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Julie H. Rose said...

My, I really enjoyed your piece on dentistry and stoicism! Sorry you had to endure such pain as a child.

Y'know, even though I'm a whiner in print, at the doctor I'm as stoic as can be; that's the "good girl" in me. It's been drilled into me, too. Sorry 'bout the pun - couldn't help myself.