Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Kneel before the foxglove..."

Out, out on the hillside, into the ocean sound, into delicate gusts
of wet air,
Fall on the ground, O great Wetness, O Mother, No harm on your body!   
Stare close, no imperfection in the grass,
                      each flower Buddha-eye, repeating the story,   
Kneel before the foxglove raising green buds, mauve bells dropped   
          doubled down the stem trembling antennae,
   & look in the eyes of the branded lambs that stare
          breathing stockstill under dripping hawthorn ...

From "Wales Visitation" by Allen Ginsberg

Approaching Storm at Capel Curig, Wales, Ebenezer Wake Cook, 1892


sol said...

thank you! (close my eyes, force the office to disappear for a moment, and travel through time and space)

Michael Sims said...

Beautiful! A great post, and from a surprising direction, which is always a nice eye-opener.

indieperfumes said...

Surprising, delicate and wild