Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Sentence Perfume Review: Cologne du Parfumeur, Guerlain

A dainty thing, pretty but worryingly pallid.

Notes from Fragrantica: Citruses, Amalfi Lemon, African Orange Flower, Mint, Rosemary, Lavender

Vandeau, A White Greyhound, John Frederick Herring, 1839

(You can read an interesting full review of CdP at PerfumeShrine.)


ScentScelf said...

Always love your one sentence reviews.

I'm going to try to cast "pallid" in a positive light, as it were; I enjoy my little decant of CdP. It's not really a cologne...too smooth, not sparkly/refreshing like I generally think of when heading toward a cologne. And it is haunted by that Guerlain something...not quite the Guerlinade...but something that is like a ghost of Attrape Coeur and other things ambery Guerlain...I enjoyed it viscerally, and as an exercise for Wasser, adding himself on to the line of Guerlain family perfumers.

But then, I could just be a romantic... :)

eula_w said...

Great review about the perfume. Thanks for the read. :)

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