Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mad words

To learn to be without desire
          you must desire that.
Better to do as you please:
          sing idleness.
Floating clouds, and water idly running --
          Where's their source?
In all the vastness of the sea and sky,
you'll never find it.

"Mad Words" by Yuan Mei, trans. by J.P. Seaton

Still-life, Décio Rodrigues Villares (1851-1931)


Julie H. Rose said...

Extraordinary painting! I am always more than pleasantly surprised (and impressed) with your choice of artwork.

BitterGrace said...

Yes, this one was a lucky find. I'd never seen it before. It just turned up during an idle search for Brazilian painters. I'm happy to hear that you like it, because I was instantly taken with it--the colors, the composition, everything

Terresa said...

Just found your blog via Luke/Crashing Beautiful. This is a gorgeous pairing of painting and verse.

Thank you for it.