Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where am I?

I feel as if I’ve been MIA for months here at the blog. I’ve done an occasional quickie post or one sentence review, but for most of the past year I’ve been ceding this space to far better writers than me--which may be just as well, since Google (who knows all) tells me that BitterGrace Notes has more visitors now than when I was blathering regularly. That’s fine by me. If y’all are happy, I’m happy. I’ll keep sharing the pretty things I find with you, and I’ll post as often as I have something to say and time to say it.

Old friends of the blog who are wondering about the state of things chez BitterGrace will be happy to hear that all is well, though there has been a population shift. The coyotes got Dave, so I’m the only biped here. Porter achieved permanent resident status, and so joined Kobi, Pearl and Nio to create an overwhelming canine majority. This is potentially worrisome, but since I’m the only one with opposable thumbs and ready access to jerky treats, there is no immediate danger of revolution. I work, they eat, peace reigns.

Now, back to the poetry. Here's a snippet of a doozy. I have read it many times and don't quite know what to think of it. Feel free to share in the comments if you do.

I am she that is terribly fashioned, the creature
Wrought in God's perilous mood, in His unsafe hour.
The morning star was mute, beholding my feature,
Seeing the rapture I was, the shame, and the power,
Scared at my manifold meaning; he heard me call
"O fairest among ten thousand, acceptable brother!"
And he answered not, for doubt; till he saw me crawl
And whisper down to the secret worm, "O mother,
Be not wroth in the ancient house; thy daughter forgets not at all!"

From "I Am the Woman" by William Vaughn Moody.

Anco Non Torna, Alfonso Simonetti (1840-1892)


chayaruchama said...

Small wonder, that you don't know what to do with THAT .

It inspires AWE , that's for certain.

I'm sorry about Dave and the coyotes, but it was really just a matter of time, I suppose;-0

I'm guilty of not commenting, although I always read you; it's SO bad, in fact-
That your future DH [ aka , my current one ]-
Assaulted me the other day :

"What's up w/ Maria ?
I haven't heard you mention her recently .."

Kisses, my soul sister.

Olfacta said...

The poem deserves multiple reads. And, like C, I'm guilty of not commenting enough. Anywhere.

We have a coyote here now. Ten miles from Five Points (downtown Atlanta) incidentally.

Glad to hear you're ok.

BitterGrace said...

Say hello to B for me, Chaya. What's he reading these days? I need to make sure I'm keeping up.

Coyotes movin' in on Atlanta doesn't surprise me, Olfacta. People used to say the cockroaches were going to take over the earth, but my money's on the coyotes.

jmcleod76 said...

That image is startling, much like the poem. Is it wrong that I liked it better before I read the author's name? Meh, it is what it is. I'm not terribly preoccupied with right and wrong, anyway.

As for the coyotes, they can have it all, as far as I'm concerned. They couldn't do much worse with it that we have. I'm part bear, myself, but I can still appreciate the company of a coyote. Yipping and scavenging aren't so terrible. There was a coyote at the local wildlife rehabilitation park last time I went. Poor guy was pacing his habitat with an intensity I've never seen from any captive animal before. (I never did ask about the origins of the mountain lion - there looks to be only one now, the second one may have died).

And, since this comment has no central theme, I'd like to share that I'm enjoying a new fragrance. Legato by 2 Note Perfumery here in Maine. They make some nice scents, all around, but this one is a new love. Just a quickly dwindling sample right now, but as often happens, M. likes wearing it just as much (she always likes wearing the ones I like, but I wouln't wear most of what she likes), so we may split a bottle at some point.

Hope the furry kids are well.