Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy (slightly belated) Lammas!

Pomeaceous orchards now expand
Their laden branches o’er the lea;
And with their bounty fill the land,
While plenty smiles on every tree.

On fertile borders, near the stream,
Now gaze with pleasure and delight;
See loaded vines with melons teem--
’Tis paradise to human sight.

With rapture view the smiling fields,
Adorn the mountain and the plain,
Each, on the eve of Autumn, yields
A large supply of golden grain.

From "On Summer" by George Moses Horton. (Read more about Horton here.)

Corn and Cantaloupe, Raphaelle Peale, c.1813


dissed said...

That's a beautiful image.

ScentScelf said...

...and to you.