Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Against thy charms we struggle but in vain"

Fair lovely maid, or if that title be
Too weak, too feminine for nobler thee,
Permit a name that more approaches truth:
And let me call thee, lovely charming youth.
This last will justify my soft complaint,
While that may serve to lessen my constraint;
And without blushes I the youth pursue,
When so much beauteous woman is in view,
Against thy charms we struggle but in vain
With thy deluding form thou giv'st us pain,
While the bright nymph betrays us to the swain.

From "To the Fair Clarinda, Who Made Love to Me, Imagined More Than Woman" by Aphra Behn.

Arrogance, Sergey Solomko (1855—1928)


monica skye miller said...

MMMmmmm, sweet words always welcome <3

Alyssa said...

Love that Aphra Behn...

And that illustration! But I'm going to have to give it a less misogynist title.

BitterGrace said...

Yes, it pained me to give it the artist's title. I think the image unlabeled is a wonderful visual joke--supports the argument that art should be interpreted independent of the artist's intent.