Thursday, January 1, 2009

We enjoyed a peaceful New Year

I wish everyone could say that. I don't usually bother with resolutions, but I've decided 2009 is a good year to start doing a better job of walking my talk, politically and otherwise. To that end, I just sent a letter to the Obama transition people about the need for our new President to condemn the horror in Gaza. You can write one yourself by clicking here. (Ignore that note about snail mail, and just scroll down to the email message box.)

When you've done that, come back to the blog and meditate on this beautiful photo Dave took during a late afternoon walk today. You should be able to see some more photos here, featuring Pearl (a.k.a. "Eco-Dog") showing off her fabulous new hybrid Ford Escape. It was her Christmas present from Dave. She lets me ride in it sometimes.


chayaruchama said...

I never cease to be troubled, regarding our global messes in the cradle of civilization.
Makes my flesh crawl.

Dearheart- lovely Pearl in her Ford.
How right.
And lovely TN...

Be blessed, dear girl.
Forgive my quiet , covert need to lick wounds and heal myself, and others.

May the new year embrace you lovingly, as I do.

BitterGrace said...

I understand the quiet, Chaya, but it's always nice to hear from you. Here' hoping the new year brings us all good things and happy changes. Pearl sends her love ;-)

Julie H. Rose said...

I keep trying to write something meaningful, but I give up.

Happy New Year.

BitterGrace said...

That seems meaningful enough ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photograph.I too love the minimalist landscape of winter in the South; the bare trees, a million variations on neutral grays and browns.

I hope your New Year is a good one.

BitterGrace said...

I wish you the same, Olfacta. I know what you mean about Southern winter landscapes--the bare trees in the twilight are as beautiful as any postcard snow scene.

Unknown said...

Maria, your echoes of Proust soothe my scensibility and I hope you might compare the CreScentBeauty offerings to Omnia, if you feel it worth the effort. That's my favorite aroma and wears particularly well on my wife. Any thoughts?