Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patrick McGoohan, 1928 –2009

The Prisoner has left us.

God, how I loved the show when I was a teenager. It aired on the local PBS station--late Saturday night, as I remember--and I would curl up on the sofa in the darkened living room to watch it, enthralled. Dave gave me the series on DVD a few years ago and I haul it out whenever I start to feel that it's impossible to be human in the modern world.

Clip uploaded by 9umber6ix at Youtube.


chayaruchama said...

I JUST saw this- and had to comment.

B uses "#6"in his passwords- because,
"I'm not a number...I'm a free man !"

Isaac has The Prisoner ringtone for his phone; we all watched it, and also have the set.

A sad day.

Mary said...

I remember that show well, and most of the dreck on TV now isn't as good. May he RIP.

BitterGrace said...

I should have known your household would be fans, Chaya. Subversives, all of us.

I loved the themes of the show, but it didn't hurt that McGoohan was so attractive--and his Burton-like voice was pretty irresistible.