Monday, January 12, 2009

Five more questions I can't answer

1. Jicky or Vol de Nuit?

2. Should I get a miniature horse?

3. Why do I lust after beautiful but useless things?

4. Emmylou or Dolly?

5. Should Bush and Co. be prosecuted as war criminals, or should we just forget the bastards and move on? (I know I've asked this one before but I'm wondering if feelings have changed--plus, I thought I should have at least one serious question.)

Democritus in Meditation, Salvator Rosa, c.1650. Image from Web Gallery of Art.


David Maddox said...

I think whether to get a miniature horse is a pretty serious question.

Anonymous said...


I can't answer the other four, but I am convinced that nothing beautiful is useless.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Turn Outward seems to have gone into hibernation. When we be hearing from it again? I miss it.

Anonymous said...

1. Vol de Nuit
2. Yes!
3. Because you are female.
4. Dolly, but Emmylou is a big loss.
5. Prosecute, but not this minute.

Perfumeshrine said...

If only all questions were as enjoyable....

1.Both, naturally! (go for parfum in Jicky, I know you love some "stink")
2.Only if you promise to speak German to it!(per this)
3.Because you have good taste! Practical things are usually ugly.
4.Dolly as in Dolly Parton? (you DON'T want to know what the surname means in Greek! LOL)Always liked her. Then again, Emmylou is good too.
5.The tribunal of history will be relentless, have no fear.

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

I'm too dense at the moment to know if you are posting rhetorical questions, or if you are simply telling us that you are torn or if you are following a meme, or if you want choices by your readers:

1) Vol de nuit

2) Yes on the horse--but only if you have a wide store of love to give it.

3) The longing for beauty is one of the finest traits anyone can have. Don't give it up, even if you are reduced to pressing your face against a shop window! Your aesthetic sensibilities are always a strength.

4) Dolly for fun, nostalgia and campiness, Emmy Lou for serious listening.

5) Off with their heads, I say. Or at least they should all be sent to Gitmo. Did you read the recent Frank Rich editorial in the NY Times?

Anonymous said...

Vol de Nuit/nope, too small/because they're beautiful, hence the horse/Emmylou/hell yes, but wait for the Full Force of Righteous Wrath. Say, in a couple of years. Maybe three.

BitterGrace said...

So, if it's a serious question, Dave, why don't you offer an answer ;-) BTW, Jenny is pretty positive on the tiny horse issue.

Bozo, somehow I knew you would pick Dolly. Turn Outward will emerge from hiding shortly. How's the new pup?

I think Dave needs to read your #3, Whodat. He once told me I was like a crow in my love of useless pretties. I had a feeling you'd give a thumbs-up to the horse.

E, I like your answer to #1--but not both at the same time, surely? I am not the Duchess of Windsor, with her LHB/Mitsouko brew ;-) I admit, tried to Babelfish Parton, but no luck. What does it mean? Anyway, love the quote. Apparently, I am not prepared to have an intelligent discussion with anyone, though I could manage a polite exchange with God.

Lacrimae (do you mind the abbreviation?)--the question posts here are always an invitation to weigh in. I do them about once a quarter. You make a good point about the horse. I am already spread pretty thin with all our canines. Perhaps I should just spend a little more time pressed up against shop windows.

Hi, dissed. I hope there will be some Righteous Wrath, and not just comfortable retirement. It's interesting, because when I asked this question a couple of years ago on the old blog, pro and con were split about even. Now we seem to have more in favor of bringing the hammer down. The relentless tribunal of history may already be kicking in ...

Anonymous said...

BG, the new pup is a gas. Even his new big sister Daffodil has welcomed him to the house. Thanks for asking.

Mary said...

I'm bringing up the rear here - Mercury retrograde isn't allowing me to keep up with my blogs. :)

1) Vol
2) Absolutely
3) Like Everest, because they're there.
4) Dolly
5) The bums should be in JAIL.

BitterGrace said...

Hey Bozo--I'm glad Walter (it is Walter, right?) is doing well. A good thing Daffodil is so magnanimous. I wish my mutts were so polite.

Mary, that Mercury retrograde thing really seems to be kicking in around here, too. I keep forgetting to answer emails.

I think you've erased any doubt about #5. You're the decider on #1, too--although Jicky will always get respect from me.

Perfumeshrine said...


it's really naughty and no Babelfish can do it! (it's two words united and with an apostophe no less).
OK, ready? It sounds exactly like παρτ'τον which usually in colloquial Greek means "up yours" (pardon my French!)
A woman with the bustline of Dolly Parton can therefore be said to have a playful Christian name with a perversely aphrodisiac surname. ;-)

Alyssa said...

Dear BitterGrace--browsing through your older posts with much enjoyment and can't resist chiming in on this one.

1) Both, of course.

3) I agree with Bozo.

4) There would be no Emmylou without Dolly, but see #1.

5) God, I hope there will be *something*. But I would much rather see the equivalent of the Starr report than a public trial that drags on and on and gives the defendants a chance to become martyrs. What I want is real information, collected, organized, published and discussed.

BitterGrace said...

Hey, Alyssa, thanks for chiming in. Great observation about Dolly and Emmylou. I'm sure Emmylou would say the same.

I see what you mean about a trial. It wouldn't necessarily reveal the full truth about what happened. It's just so hard to think of that crew getting off the hook completely.