Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pity me

My teacher's been out of town and I've been busy, which means I've barely touched my violin for the past three weeks. In an hour I'm due at a group lesson which will include a horde of mean children who can all play better than me. Lots better.

I try to remind myself that an attachment to dignity is very aging.

I've been soothing my dread this afternoon with the lovely sounds of Regina Carter. She's as easy to look at as she is to listen to, as you can see in this clip of her at the Bern Jazz Festival in 2003.


Mary said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing, M.

Juvy Santos said...


I didn't know you were taking lessons! Awesome! Good luck, and don't worry about the kids, I'm sure you're fine!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your lesson went as well as I hope it did :-D. Thanks for the music, that was right tasty!

BitterGrace said...

Isn't RC great? I love to watch her face as she plays.

The lesson was okay. Kind of a hoot, actually.