Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Following up yesterday's screed...

I've got a review in the Scene this week of a show by a Nashville artist that's all about conceptions of the female body in contemporary culture. I don't usually link to my articles when they're this local, but the artist, Lauren Kalman, has a website where you can see photos of the exhibit. You'll find them here, and my review is up at the Scene's website here. I thought Kalman worked out some intriguing ideas in this show. She has a remarkable ability to incorporate varied, contradictory images of "femaleness" into a single object. The decontextualizing I mention in the review is problematic, especially in a show such as this, which is essentially a social critique. Still, there's some powerful stuff in this woman's work.


Perfumeshrine said...

White padded walls???? Wheelchair???
You did good to tell it like it is.

And congrats on another writing piece :-)

BitterGrace said...

I dunno about you, E, but sometimes that padded room looks pretty good to me--restful, anyway. ;-)