Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

My beloved is away this Valentine's Day. He's off to Glasgow, to play a music festival with his pals The Cherry Blossoms. He didn't forget me, though. He sent me a message this morning telling me where to find my present--a fabulous boxed set of R&B classics, which I've wanted for a long time. (The doorbell rang just as I typed that last sentence. Yep, flowers for me from Dave. That man is a keeper, even if he does run away to consort with musical eccentrics.)

Here's a little Aretha, in honor of Dave, the day, and my delightful gift.


Mary said...

Sweet! What kind of flowers? Happy Valentine's Day!

BitterGrace said...

A bouquet of roses (white and red), lilies and carnations--all my favorites. Hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day, too ;-)

chayaruchama said...

How wonderful-
AND Aretha !
[My boys, when asked who was 'the queen'-
Would always answer, "Aretha". Well- conditioned, those two !]