Monday, September 3, 2007

More owls

Via Wikimedia Commons

I seem to have owls on the brain lately, so naturally they've started showing up in real life. Funny how that happens. Yesterday I ran into a very chatty barred owl as I walked along the trail. It's not the time of year for pairing up, but he was clearly looking for a friend. He just kept calling and calling, but nobody answered. Kinda sad. Then today I heard him again, and this time a girl called back. Unfortunately, she didn't seem that into him. Pretty soon he was just talking to himself again, no doubt dreaming about a duet of true love.


helg said...

Love the owls! (great pic too)

Funny little factoid:

The greek version of 1 Euro coin has the image of the owl that was etched on the ancient "attic drachma" and later on the modern one as well (you could say it was the oldest coin design of Europe and be accurate ~sad that we had to relinquish it after 2500 years).
So when the greek Euro coin first got issued and made the rounds in european markets, children abroad were fascinated by it, thinking it had some magical powers as it was connected to their minds with Harry Potter. I had heard of kids collecting them religiously! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Messages from Athena! Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

Unrequited owl love on Joslin Branch... is there anything sadder?

chayaruchama said...

Poor lonely guy.
Makes me wish I were an avian cutie...