Saturday, September 1, 2007

Another cutie from Bird Cinema

"Wake me when it's Monday. On second thought, don't." (Click here)


Anonymous said...

Owls always command my attention. They are hauntingly beautiful creatures.

I had my parrots out in the backyard cage today to enjoy some sun. Later I went to check on them and I notice something moving on the very bottom of the cage - the part of the cage that catches all the droppings, food, etc. Anyway, it's this big mouse. I can tell the mouse is hurt and when I approach the cage, the mouse just sits there. Doesn't even bat an eye. It just stares at me saying with its eyes... "look lady, it's really hottt out of here, I'm hurt, I'm tired and I'm hungry. Please let me snack and I'll be outta here." So, I let it be. It just now scurried limpingly (is that word?) across our cobblestone patio and is hiding out under the hose holder. I'm worried that my dogs are going to get the poor thing.

Any rain yet in your area? None here yet. :(( It's so hot and dry. I am ready to move to a rain forest.

BitterGrace said...

A mouse's life is not a happy one. I don't much care for it when they invade my pantry, but I always feel sorry for the little dudes.

I ran across a very chatty barred owl on the trail this morning, and I thought about your comment. They are incredibly beautiful--and so powerful somehow.

We had a tiny amount of rain last Wednesday, and that was it. The temperature is more normal for this time of year, but I swear it looks as if it may never rain again.