Sunday, September 16, 2007

The hummingbirds are leaving

I'm still getting a fair number of stragglers, but the big mob has cleared out. I always have mixed feelings about the hummer exit. It's sad because they're so entertaining to have around, but it's a relief to stop making nectar every damn day. Between the dogs and the birds, sometimes it seems as if all I do is prepare food for animals. I don't actually do much cooking for people. Dave fends for himself, and I live on salad a lot of the time, which gives you some idea of the priorities around here.

Fellow bird fanatic Dawn sent me a link today to these wonderful photos of a hummingbird nest. There's a huge number of hits on the site, so some of you may have seen them, but they are certainly worth a second look. There is a link to another set of nest photos on the last page.


Anonymous said...

At our house, a downy woodpecker has commandeered the feeder now that the hummingbirds are leaving. Evolution at work?

BitterGrace said...

Maybe so, Bozo. I had one of those clever downy woodpeckers a couple of years ago. Maybe the idea is spreading.

Actually, now that I think of it, I had a sparrow one year (I swear this is true) who figured out that he could make the feeder swing so some of the nectar would slosh out, and then he would slurp it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi BG,

So, how many animals are you feeding? I don't feel so alone now after reading your post, because I swear all I do is prepare food for my menagerie. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bearded dragon lizard and 2 parrots. It's almost a 40 minute routine every a.m.

Glad you put that hummingbird link in your post. It was really neat to see them at their different stages.


BitterGrace said...

Oh, you're way ahead of me, Dawn. At this point I just have the three dogs, the hummers, and the other wild birds. It just feels like a lot, because I'm lazy. Also, the dogs require a lot of wrangling and 2 are on meds.