Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who's on top?

Illustration by Édouard-Henri Avril, from Les Sonnetts Luxurieux by Pietro Aretino, 1892.


Julie H. Rose said...

Must we have another thing in common?

I love old smut, too. Have books of Japanese shunga, many Taschen reprints (1000 Nudes is great, but I'm sure you've seen that one). . .

I looked at your gallery. Fun! Hadn't noticed the tag before.

BitterGrace said...

They just don't make smut like they used to.

I never bothered to do tags until recently, so now I'm going back to tag the archive for certain things. I get an amazing number of hits on the erotica posts, so I figured I should just make it easy on fellow smut lovers.

Julie H. Rose said...

That's how you lure them in,is it?
I'd love to post some of my erotica, but I have a number of loyal readers who would never come back.

"They" say women don't like smut. I disagree. We just have more discerning taste.

BitterGrace said...

This blog owes its existence to smut, in a way.

Most of the women I know like interesting, beautiful erotica. I'm slightly baffled by people who don't. What's not to like?