Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Off-blog reading

I've got a review in the Scene this week of Tig Hague's Tomorrow You Go Home, a memoir of his stint in a Russian prison. I know you're thinking Oh, yeah, nothing says Christmas like 300 pages on life in the gulag, but really, it's a pretty fascinating book. If nothing else, the relentless details of cold, starvation and mistreatment will make the holidays with your family seem more pleasant. The review is here.

There are several other interesting reviews up at the Scene right now, including a terrific one by Michael Sims of the new Tom Tomorrow book, The Future's So Bright I Can't Bear to Look. See 'em all here.

Finally, our resident musician, art lover and dog entertainment specialist--aka Dave--has some good posts up at his blog, Perambulating the Bounds. He shares some Flaubert-inspired thoughts on modern-day echoes of the 19th century, and he recounts his long evening with Wagner at the Met. In spite of my past hectoring, Dave seems to have some philosophical objection to permalinks, so I can't send you directly to the posts. Just click on the blog title above, and you should find Wagner and Flaubert on the front page.

Who Can Think of It?, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1814-23. Image from Web Gallery of Art

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