Thursday, December 4, 2008

Greetings from Dave

Dave is back on the redwood coast this week, hard at work, but he found time to go for a stroll at Patrick's Point, where he took this pic. He's got several other nice photos up on his Facebook page. You can take a virtual stroll on the beach with him by clicking here.


Mary said...

Cool photos! I do so love rocky beaches (I miss Maine).

BitterGrace said...

Dave just called and sad he went for another beach walk today, He's going to want to move to CA.

Whodat said...

That's what I was just thinking, too.

As well as, "Working doing what, and where do I sign up?"

BitterGrace said...

Doing what, I cannot say. He's a consultant. They're like Freemasons. You have to be one to know what they do.

As for signing up, god knows he could use a scheduler/travel agent/administrative assistant. If he could afford to hire one, I'd give you an excellent character reference ;-)