Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What more could you ask for?

Tonight I drove home from Nashville in a steady rain, brooding over my frustrating day, thinking about how tired I was, dreading the hassle of dealing with my wet, muddy dogs--in other words, feeling sorry for myself. It's a bad habit I find tough to break.

The last thing I wanted was to get stuck in traffic, so I stayed off the interstate and took the unlighted rural highway. I was about halfway home when the rain stopped. The fog began to rise, making a gauzy curtain that softened the Christmas lights of the houses along the road. It was like driving along in a dream. And then "Purple Haze" came on the radio, just to make it perfect.


chayaruchama said...

Whether it's Stevie Ray, or Jimi-
It's very, very good.

Unknown said...

Purple Haze fixes everything