Thursday, December 25, 2008

Look what we got for Christmas

With his usual sweet thoughtfulness and great taste, Dave got us this beautiful collage by a local artist, Billy Renkl. Click on the image to see a larger version. I wish the online picture gave a better sense of the delicacy of the piece. Billy uses found materials, which add a layer of conceptual interest to the scenes he creates. That's an actual page from an old document providing the surface for the collage. There's something vaguely taboo and exciting about seeing a real text commandeered for this purely abstract visual service. You can see more of Billy's work and read about him here.

(For the perfume people: I'm curious--does this image call a scent to mind? It does for me.)

After the Fall, #13, Billy Renkl, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Ma Griffe?

ScentScelf said...

Heh, a gardener, the first scent to cross my mind is freshly pulled chive...then "stinking rose" (garlic)...but I am intrigued by the idea of green grassy with the hint of ozone blue/fresh air in the upper inset, with the thought of the words underlying it do have me thinking.... :)

Happy Boxing Day!

Mary said...

I love the composition of this piece. The script in the background is a really cool element.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collage. Makes me think of Yerbamate and Eau de Chateau.

BitterGrace said...

Ma Griffe may be more apt than my own initial response, R, which was Fidji. There's something about the light, airy, green quality of the image that just screams Fidji to me. And yet, the words do give a certain gravitas that's more like MG, or even Miss Dior.

SS--Maybe I'm nuts, but the idea of a fresh chive note in a perfume actually sounds kind of nice.

Nika, I don't know the perfume Yerbamate, but the tea itself certainly does seem to match the picture. I could find anything when I googled Eau de Chateau. Did you mean Vie de Chateau? Of so, I found the notes at the Perfumed Court, and it sounds wonderful! I may have to sample...