Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Poetry, Lilies, Owls

Bill Brown, who appeared on the blog last spring, has a new collection of poems, Late Winter, out from Iris Press. I love Bill's work, and some of these poems are just fantastic. You can read my review of the book at the Scene's website, and here's a bit of one poem on a topic dear to my heart:


I have always been late for lilies
that pretend to bloom for a week,
and when my attention wanes,

I find them spoiled by fullness.
It's not that I envy bumblebees
that catch unfurling blossoms

and smother their legs in orange.
I am ripe for perfection: alabaster
smooth and unstained; star gazers,

the rival of orchids; reds deep
and soft as pinot noir. This
morning a gentle rain whispers

to my garden where lilies wait. ...

By Bill Brown, from Late Winter, Iris Press, 2008.

In other news ...

I saw a gorgeous pair of Great Horned owls this morning, flying together through the trees. I often hear them talking to each other, but I've never seen a couple out at play before. Pretty soon there'll be owl chicks to watch--without a doubt the cutest babies in the bird world. Can't wait. Meantime, you can see and hear some GH owls over at the Owl Pages.

Owl photo from Wikipedia.


Perfumeshrine said...

The poem is very good (lilies are among my favourite flowers, so it captured my attention immediately) and your review is as erudite as ever ("the seamless continuum of reverie": great phrase).

What an intense gaze this beautiful owl has! Lucky you, observing those little ones up close....

BitterGrace said...

Thanks, E. Bill's pretty wonderful. He seems to see the world, esp. the natural world, much as I do.

I really am looking forward to the owl babies. You have to watch out for the mommies, though--they'll dive at you if you get too close!