Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Sentence Perfume Review: Lotus, Ava Luxe

A luminous nymph, sweet and soft as cream, nestled in bitter jade, with a drop of the sun in her heart.

Notes per Ava Luxe: Greens, white lotus , white gardenia, tuberose, plumeria, Egyptian musk.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Love your one line review and that photo was the icing on the cake. Perfect union between words and image.

Have a wonderful Friday.

:) Dawn

Anonymous said...

Nice to see one of my fave Ava Lux scents get some attention.

Hope all is well with you

Perfumeshrine said...

Those laconic reviews of yours are trully great. Keep them coming!!

Mary said...

Nice. I surely miss Serena's perfume site, and I hope she finds the time someday to open her full line again.

BitterGrace said...

Thanks, Dawn. It's such a fantastic scent--easy to rave about.

Nubelia, thanks so much for dropping in. Everything's dandy here, and I hope you can say the same. Lotus is my favorite Ava Luxe, too--in fact, I think it's the best lotus frag I've ever tried. Serena really works some magic with the note.

Hey, E--I'll tell you a secret the OSPR's are really fun to do. I always feel a little guilty when I put them up--such laziness!

I'm with you Mary--I would love to See Serena put all her beauties back up. As it is, there's no opportunity for impulse purchases ;-)