Monday, March 10, 2008

In Dreams

I heard a piece on NPR today about this website, where people can post their dreams about Clinton and Obama--not their "I Have a Dream" dreams, nor their "Dear God, weren't these people supposed to get us out of Iraq?" nightmares, but actual sleepytime dreams.

I can remember only one dream that featured a politician. It happened years ago. I was playing volleyball with Fidel Castro. The game was called on account of a plague of flies. (I am not making this up.) There was something about a helicopter, too, but that part's pretty fuzzy.

I'm not even sure we can call Fidel a politician, but he's the best I can do. It's just as well. The rulers of the world are annoying enough when I'm awake.


Perfumeshrine said...

I think we saw the same movie at some point, LOL (it involved plague-like grasshopers thrown through an helicopter in Cuba ~I think! Should probably search it).

Fidel doesn't count: he's not in place anymore! (and how conveniently, huh?)


BitterGrace said...

Really, that's in a movie? We have got to find out what it is! I don't have any recollection of seeing it, but I must have. The scenario is too similar. Was there a volleyball game involved?

Yeah, Fidel really didn't qualify as a politician even when he was in power.

Perfumeshrine said...

I kind of thing it was a political movie or was it a political thriller? I recall it was done on purpose to harm the crops and therefore the economy.
Something in the line of Syriana or something like that, if I recall correctly...

(no, no voleyball game involved, but the subconsious works in mysterious ways and yours is rich!)

Perfumeshrine said...

I meant "think", not "thing". Bah.....will search it and if I come up with a solution will let you know ;-)

BitterGrace said...

I'd love to know, E, thanks. I sorta cruised around the net, imdb, etc., but didn't see any candidates. This dream was at least 10 years ago, so it's got to be something pretty vintage.

Perfumeshrine said...

A ha! Vintage dream and vintage ref!
LOL, I am scratching my have given me a mystery to solve.