Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where is everybody?

After my morning hike I usually swing by the pond to visit the frogs and turtles. There are almost always a few little green guys hanging out waiting for breakfast. Yesterday I watched 2 snapping turtles engaged in a turf war. This morning, nobody. Seemed weird. Then I saw this guy lurking in the water, his head propped up on a clump of algae. I was thrilled to see him, but I guess I was the only one.


helg said...

Ooooh, this sure puts things in perspective, doesn't it? Poor little guys, but nature is nature.

Brave soul to live around those fierce creatures, M!

chayaruchama said...

You've got company, Maria.

BitterGrace said...

Chaya, are you a serpent lover, too? Somehow I'm not surprised. ;-)

I'm not too brave, Helg--I was pretty careful not to get too close until I was sure he wasn't a cottonmouth. We only have a few species of venomous snakes here, but I always keep an eye out for them.