Monday, July 30, 2007

Bird report

via Wikimedia Commons

It's a big day for my inner bird geek. She hasn't been around the blog much lately--she is shocked, shocked by all the smut we've been posting--but she's venturing out to tell you about sighting a Bewick's Wren this morning.

It was flitting around in the brush along the trail, and I had to lurk in the bushes for quite a while to be certain of its identity. We have hordes of House Wrens and Carolina Wrens here, but this was my first sure sighting of a Bewick's. Apparently, they were once very common in the South, but the House Wrens have displaced them. In fact, the the Cornell Ornithology site has removed this region from the Bewick's range, but WhatBird disagrees, as does my Peterson Field Guide.


Leopoldo said...

Now that's a delight for the eyes, the little darlin', unlike your naughty pussy and her poker.

Arhianrad said...

lol, leo!

Maria, what a beautiful, cute, cute bird...

chayaruchama said...

Oh, Lee.
SUCH a Puritan...
Tsk, tsk.
Love that avian beauty.
And my other beauties, as well...hint, hint.