Saturday, July 21, 2007

France is for lovers

Wilder Shores of Love, Cy Twombly, 1985

It seems some French lady has been busted for kissing a *Cy Twombly painting. Not that I approve of defacing art or anything, but I understand just how she felt. I love Twombly.

*Scroll down on Twombly's Artchive page for a list of image links. Use the "image viewer" to see the pics full size.


Leopoldo said...

Wow. Me too. And I was talking about him to an artloving kid I know for much of saturday afternoon. That's serendipity.

BitterGrace said...

Well, of course. Twombly, the WOO flying monkeys--we know a good thing when we see it, Leo. One of these days when you cross the pond, we'll road trip to Houston and visit Cy's paintings, and the Rothko Chapel. Houston's not so bad, even if it is infested with Bushes.