Friday, May 23, 2008

A guest

A green stink bug has been loitering in my bathroom for two days. I'm way too clueless about insect ID to say precisely what he is, but he looks more or less exactly like the little guy in the pic. He refused to be photographed himself, hiding behind a shelf on the vanity when I approached. He probably knows what a lousy photographer I am.

By all rights he should be out in the garden eating up everything Dave has planted, but he seems to like the indoor life. I expected him to perish within a day, but he's hanging on and looking perfectly lively. I think he's cute, and I really don't mind finding him on the towel when I go to dry my hands, or clinging to the tissue when I pull it from the box. After all, what better home for a stink bug than a perfume freak's house? (According to Wikipedia, the stink bug's stink comes from aldehydes. He probably thinks I'm a cousin.)

I suppose he can't last much longer, but so far he's been the ideal pet. No shedding, no fighting, no drooling on the floor. I'm starting to understand why people keep tarantulas and hissing cockroaches.

Photo copyright 2006 by Sean McCann, from Bug Guide.


Whodat said...

He's a lovely shade of green.

BitterGrace said...

He is! He's an extremely charming bug. No sign of him this morning, though. Perhaps he's crossed the Rainbow Bridge ...