Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Mystery of Musk: A Wing and a Prayer Perfumes, Tallulah B2

Although its namesake was certainly no sweet, cuddly toy, the image that came to mind when I first sniffed Tallulah B2 was a teddy bear. This scent is as soft and comforting as a plush toy. Not that it's some girlish fruity floral or whisper-sheer baby head unperfume--it's a full-grown fragrance with plenty of floral kick from rose and mimosa, and the vanilla/musk base is rich as honey. There's something wonderfully retro about its smooth, rounded character. It doesn't echo the personality of Ms. Bankhead for me, but it certainly evokes her era, and it does have a kind of innocent sexiness--like, say, the Brox sisters.

Photo of the Brox Sisters from Wikimedia Commons

All the links for the Mystery of Musk event are here.


Lucy said...

Wow, those old time girls -- they had it going on.

Yes, it's almost unexpected to find a perfume so easy to like -- not difficult or prickly in any way, but not shallow, either. Beauty is as beauty does.

Lisa BTB said...

Comforting is what came to my mind as well.

chayaruchama said...

Simply lovely ;-)

LOVE those Brox Sisters, sisters.