Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The rainbow, cloud imbiber, may be seen"

In case you haven't heard, we're having some serious flooding hereabouts. I've got a nice reflecting pool in my basement, but no major damage. The dogs are physically fine, but seriously freaked out. I was tempted to post that horrible Carl Fredrik Kiörboe painting (you know--this one), but I decided y'all would rather see people suffer. This particular rendering of Le Déluge is by Antonio Carracci, son of Agostino. (Pa did one of the most popular pictures in the Gallery of Antique Smut.)

I'll be busy dealing with that wet basement for the next day or two, so posts may be haphazard. Have a good week. Here's some wisdom to keep in mind for unsettled seasons:

A storm should never catch you unprepared.
Aerial cranes take flight before its rising,
The restless heifer with dilated nostrils
Sniffs the air; the squeaking hirondelle
Flits round and round the lake, and frogs,
Inveterate in their mud, croak a chorale.
And too the ant, more frantic in his gallery,
Trundles his eggs out from their hiding place;
The rainbow, cloud imbiber, may be seen;
And crows go cawing from the pasture
In a harsh throng of crepitating wings;
The jeering jay gives out his yell for rain
And takes a walk by himself on the dry sand.

From Robert Fitzgerald's "Passages from Virgil's First Georgic"


Olfacta said...

So glad you're ok. We're getting serious rain now, but nothing like what you got.

I noticed yesterday, around twilight, that the fish in our pond were hunkered down at the bottom. They'd normally be feeding at the surface. It was windy, warm and humid as the storm approached. I wonder if this is common with all fish. I bet it is.

Anonymous said...

Virgil. Of course. He's perfect for a rainstorm. You WOULD think of that. Great post. Good luck with the horrible weather. Half the people I know are caught down there in it.