Friday, May 14, 2010

"...the butterflies of the bird world"

"You feel that America's warblers deserve a celebratory literary tradition, as bringers of the spring, to compare with the swallow, the nightingale or the cuckoo in Europe: Ode To The Warblers, Hymn To The Warblers, Waiting For The Warblers. There needs to be a Keats of the warblers; but they've never had their poet."

That's Brit Michael McCarthy writing about the neglected beauty of American warblers in The Independent. Read the rest of his tribute here.

Photo of Common Yellowthroat from Wikimedia Commons.

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Julie H. Rose said...

You're the second person I know who's posted a picture of this marvelous little bird on the Web this week. Must be time for all to get out there and meet one. Be still near fresh water and wait. They'll come.

I've enjoyed all the recent posts immensely and felt like just simply saying so.