Saturday, September 12, 2009

My to-do list for early autumn

1. Take time to admire the fabulous spiderwebs that appear everywhere. If the opportunity presents itself, sit on the porch and watch an orb weaver at work as the evening comes on.

2. Keep an eye out for the last of the Dickcissels and Orchard Orioles as they pass through on their way south.

3. Search the Nashville markets for the perfect pomegranate to use in Mabon observance. Try to find time for a visit to the Cane Creek Market in Lobelville, TN, to stock up on spices and splurge on some useless piece of speckleware.

4. Put black walnuts in everything. Make pumpkin custard.

5. Unpack my cool weather clothes, and marvel yet again at all the stuff I have that I don't need. Be pleasantly surprised by all the nice things I had forgotten I owned. Wonder why so many of my winter socks seem to disappear over the summer.

6. Fish my garnet and amber jewelry out of the tangle in the jewelry chest.

7. Re-read A Word Child and The End of the Affair.

8.Remember our good feline friend Binx, who moved all over the country with Dave and me. October 2 is the anniversary of her passing.

9. Eye the persimmons that have fallen prematurely and resist the urge to taste one.

10. Break out the fall perfumes! Vintage Scandal and Toujours Moi, AG Sables, Sikkim (a new fave), DSH Firefly and Kyphi, Chamade, Hove Flame, etc, etc. I love my summer florals, but it's a pleasure to put them away for a while.

Autumn, Frederic Edwin Church, 1875


Nancy J said...

I wonder everyday how spiders manage to spin webs on the outside of my 42nd-floor window.

BitterGrace said...

They probably think they've scaled Mt Everest. It's amazing that they catch anything in those webs. I'd think the wind would just destroy them.

Betsy's Family History Blogs said...

I came to love spiders when I lived on the 23rd floor of a highrise. I enjoyed watching them spin webs just outside my windows and grow fat on little bitty flies.

BitterGrace said...

Do birds ever come to eat the spiders when they're up so high?

chayaruchama said...

Magnificent list !

Reflects a mindset of quiet gratitude- very soothing, my sister.

And all in rhythm with the natural cycle of things, as it ought.

On the heels of Rosh Hashanah, too ;-)