Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogging the Madinis: Marrakech and Baraka

I can't believe it's 8:25 pm. Where did the day go? I'm about to turn into a pumpkin any second, so I just have time for a couple of lightning-fast reviews:

Marrakech: Go to your spice rack. Open the jars of ginger and cardamom. Wave them under your nose. Mentally add a whiff of jasmine and Madini's signature sweet amber. Now you know what Marrakech smells like. It's fairly unisex, but not suitable for manly men. Personally, I like it. It's a nice scent for a cool, crisp fall day.

Baraka: A sugary musk layered with a heavy dose of the best head shop strawberry incense. If you are of a certain age, Baraka will remind you of getting high and making out while listening to Todd Rundgren records. Whether you wish to take that particular trip down memory lane is a matter of personal taste. I only enjoy it at long intervals.

Illustration of cardamom plant from Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen, 1887.


chayaruchama said...

You're KILLIN' ME .

Marrakech is no longer on their site- drat.
My kinda shit, baby.

[Todd Rundgren, huh ?
No "In the white room / with black curtains / in the station " ?]abione

BitterGrace said...

Were you checking the Talisman site? It's still there, lost in the crowd.

I don't think I was ready for Clapton back then. Todd was more my speed ;-)

jmcleod76 said...

Marrakech sounds nice, though I sometimes find jasmine tiresome. Still, ginger, cardamom and amber would be delish.

BitterGrace said...

The floral notes aren't very prominent, although there is a dollop of rose in there, too. Mostly, though, I get the spices, especially cardamom.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm,it's hard to go wrong with cardamom.
Baraka sounds pretty aweful, though:)

BitterGrace said...

Nika, I think Baraka is strictly for the over-45 set.

chayaruchama said...

Gracie- no WONDER I missed it...;-)

They describe it as a 'dewy floral'- no mention of Ye Olde Spyce Rack at all.

BitterGrace said...

Wow, they do call it a dewy floral. Well, maybe I'm having an olfactory breakdown. I just sniffed again, and I do get tuberose along with the rose and jasmine--but it still reeks of cardamom to me...