Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blogging the Madinis: Nile

It's a little after 6 am here, and a thunderstorm has been rumbling for hours. The first flashes of lightning woke me up, and as I tried to get back to sleep I began to think about Madini Nile. Other people may count sheep. I catalog my perfumes.

Nile is a light, spicy oriental with a fleeting rose note in the heart. It has a hint of green (probably galbanum) that gives it a contradictory quality I love. The warm, soothing spice converses with the fresh, grassy note, so the scent never goes flat, as oils so often do. Nile is wild and cozy at once--a little like curling up in bed during a thunderstorm.

Evening, or Lost Illusions, Charles-Gabriel Gleyre, 1843. (This painting was supposedly inspired by a vision Gleyre had on the bank of the Nile.)


Anonymous said...

This sounds great, rose and galbanum are amongst my favorite parings (think Nahema). An oil that doesn't go flat is rare indeed.

BitterGrace said...

I'm trying to summon a scent memory of Nahema--it's been ages since I smelled it, but I do remember liking it. Rose with a hint of green is irresistible to me, too. The spice notes are pretty dominant in Nile, but I love the way it lets a bit of the floral character come through.

Tania said...

I haven't tried Nile yet, but I did get Sahara recently. It's quite lovely, but it's also pretty much a copy of Dune - to my nose anyway.
I also got Chipre, Henna and Nardo. Nardo is my favourite of those, which is odd since I'm not a huge fan of tuberose.

BitterGrace said...

Hi, Tania--Nardo is very potent, but I find it lacks the extremely shrill edge that many tuberose scents have. Sometimes I miss that!

I never thought of Sahara being a dupe of Dune, but now that you mention it, I'll have to compare.

I wonder what you think of Henna--I love it, but it seems to displease a lot of people.

Tania said...

Hi Bittergrace,

I can't remember what I thought of Henna. Which means it didn't make much impression I guess! But I'll try it again later and see what I think - I was rather distracted by other stuff when it arrived, so I don't think I gave it a fair shot.

Tania said...

OK, I tried Henna agin, and sadly, I'm not liking it.
I get soap at first, then soapy apple. The apple note is not fresh,or lively, it's rather fake and cloying, and I don't like it. I can't see wearing this one. Oh well...

BitterGrace said...

Yup, that soapy apple thing is what kills it for a lot of people. I can't say I don't smell the soapy apple, but it is a pleasant smell to me.

Maybe Henna would please more people as a dish detergent ;-)

Tania said...

It might, at that! ;-)

Still, it's the only one of the several Madinis I've bought which is a failure for me, so I guess they are ahead on points.