Sunday, February 15, 2009

Suvetar, Gjallarhorn

Here's a little dream of spring to brighten the February chill. You can sample more of Gjallarhorn's music here.

Uploaded by abecualann at Youtube.


Anonymous said...

Nice! :)

Ad Gjallarhorn, from Wikipedia:
(the "gj" i pronounced like the "y" in "yelling")
In Norse mythology, Gjallarhorn (Old Norse "yelling horn"[1]) is the horn with which the gatekeeper god, Heimdallr, announces Ragnarök. In Gylfaginning, Gjallarhorn is also the name of a drinking horn used by the god Mímir when he drinks from his namesake well. In the latter case, the name Gjallarhorn may mean "horn of the river Gjöll".

chayaruchama said...

Delightful !
right up my primitive alley...
A pleasure.
[Thanks,stella p !]

Anonymous said...

The music is exactly what I've been looking for, and I love the video -- thank you!

BitterGrace said...

Glad y'all like it. I really love this group. I have a folkie weakness for the whole genre. That Nordic Roots collection I linked to as my music of the moment is great.

I am now off to look up all Norse mythology those references, Stella P--Thanks!