Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hawk watching

It's been a good week for hawk watching. Like the rest of the birds, they're pairing off and getting ready to nest, so they're out and about a lot. The thing that always impresses me about hawks is their incredible agility in flight. They do wild contortions as they swoop down on their prey--wings askew, legs splayed, head tucked and turned; and yet, if the intended victim evades them, they effortlessly recover and fly off. How do they stay airborne? I've never seen one crash, though it must happen occasionally....(more)


chayaruchama said...

I love to scout for birds of prey !

Due to all our environmental faux pas- many more wild things have found their way to the inner city-
Adaptable creatures that they are.

Red-tailed hawks are more plentiful, both in Southie- and downtown Boston's financial district, of all places.

A treat for my nature-hungry eyes .

Love these nature posts.

BitterGrace said...

Red-Tails can thrive almost anywhere there are pigeons! Did you see the rest of the post at Turn Outward? I think that Robert Penn Warren poem perfectly captures the drama of a hawk's flight.