Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm almost back

First of all, many thanks to Perfumeshrine and Lucy for the tags. I'm honored to get the nod from such top-notch bloggers--and I feel a bit embarrassed to be included when I've been so random with my posts lately. I got back home from California on Wednesday, and I'm still scrambling to catch up with domestic chores. I'm hoping to get back in the blogging groove this weekend. I've got lots to say about the trip, which included a visit to the Tall Trees Grove in Redwood National Park, where I took the photo above. I'll post more over at Turn Outward, as soon as I can get my act together.

Meanwhile, for the perfume contingent, check out this nice little line of solid perfumes made in Humboldt County, CA--Ohana Organics. The scents are good quality, true to their floral sources, and the texture of the base is not too dry or greasy. I love the Gardenia Amber.

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