Thursday, October 23, 2008

"I hear his hand on the latch..."

I hear his hand on the latch, and rise from my chair
Watching the door open: he flashes bare
His strong teeth in a smile, and flashes his eyes
In a smile like triumph upon me; then careless-wise
He flings the rabbit soft on the table board
And comes towards me: ah, the uplifted sword
Of his hand against my bosom, and oh, the broad
Blade of his hand that raises my face to applaud
His coming: he raises up my face to him
And caresses my mouth with his fingers, which still smell grim
Of the rabbit's fur! God, I am caught in a snare!
I know not what fine wire is round my throat,
I only know I let him finger there
My pulse of life, letting him nose like a stoat
Who sniffs with joy before he drinks the blood:
And down his mouth comes to my mouth, and down
His dark bright eyes descend like a fiery hood
Upon my mind: his mouth meets mine, and a flood
Of sweet fire sweeps across me, so I drown
Within him, die, and find death good.

From "Cruelty and Love" by D.H. Lawrence, 1913. Complete poem at Poetry Foundation.

Game and Hunting Gear Discovered by a Cat, Jan Fyt, c.1640. Image from Web Gallery of Art.

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Perfumeshrine said...

I wasn't aware of this poem, only read his novels. DHL had a thing for S/M? LOL, but it's very good nonetheless. There is cruelty in intense love and life is full of cruelty anyway...

(poor rabbit in that painting

BitterGrace said...

DHL was certainly interested in female submission, though usually not so graphically depicted.

Yes, poor rabbit--but he pleases the kitty-cat!