Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A song I cannot resist

Today's post at Turn Outward is a tiny bit sad, so here's a remedy--"Gimme a Pigfoot," a Bessie Smith tune that never fails to make me smile. No video here, just music, but it's more than enough.


chayaruchama said...

Sweet angels !

I'm NO Bessie- but someday, I'll sing it for you , in the flesh...I HOPE.

Let's kill those fuckin' trolls, shall we ?

BitterGrace said...

I would love to hear you sing, Chaya. Maybe I'll make it back to your part of the world someday--you never know.

As for the troll, well...where there's life, there's hope. Perhaps Bessie will have a positive effect.

whodat said...

I thought of you today, Gracie. I went to Michel Richard's restaurant, Central, for lunch, and on the menu what did I see but "pied de cochon," which I do believe is fancy French for pig foot. :-D
I sang a little bit of Gimme a pig's foot and a bottle of beer and pretty much was ignored but anyway it made me smile.

BitterGrace said...

That menu is very tempting, but for $16 I'd want some fancier parts of the pig ;-)

Anyway, glad you serenaded 'em. Bessie would be proud.