Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Sentence Perfume Review: Mon Idée, Bourbon French Parfums

The imagined scent of an exquisite waxwork carnation, too perfect to be real.

Notes (such as I can discern): carnation, jasmine, green notes, musk. (Click here for the Mon Idée page at Bourbon French.)

Carnation painting by Mary E. Eaton, c. 1917. Image from Wikimedia Commons.


Perfumeshrine said...

Carnation is so underappreciated...I rejoice for there being more carnation scents on the market!

Mary said...

Okay, my damn hard drive is fixed and I can check blogs again. Missed yours, M! Nice little review, and I love that carnation.

whodat said...

I'm lemming again ... :-D

BitterGrace said...

Mary, glad you're back! Sorry about the computer hassle--the curse of modern life.

E, I agree. Carnations get no respect nowadays. Never seems to be a featured note in new perfumes. Why is that?

R, I am sorry to be the source of temptation--but then, where would we be without lust?