Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I spent a little time this morning cruising around the presidential candidates' websites. Trust me when I tell you never to do that. A brief surf of just one site is enough to induce clinical depression. A serial waltz through all of them will leave you ready to lay down and die.

In desperation I went looking for some truly good news in the world. Not an escape, mind you--no Al Green videos or online window-shopping. That kind of thing doesn't cut it after a super-size portion of Mike Huckabee.

I went over to, which was taking a chance, since I often find more outrage there than inspiration. But I got lucky, and found this nice slide show about Umoja, an all-female village in Kenya that provides refuge for victims of rape, domestic violence and child marriage. I hope the women there are all safe today from the unrest plaguing that country.

Some more searching led me to the video below, which I found at Africa Unchained. Looking at these beautiful women and the beautiful things they make gave me a little hope. Should you be in need, may it do the same for you.

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