Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nio says, "Thank you verrry much"

In case you missed it, Saturday's post was graced with a comment from the president of the Nio Fan Club (aka Dave):

"Yes, Nio is a great dog. You couldn’t ask for a more devoted companion, affectionate, ready to fetch just about anything you throw, with the coolest array of howls when there’s a siren. As they say around these parts, “My dog is an awesome dog”—oh wait, that’s God, not dog. But everyone with that bumper sticker would rethink it if they knew Nio.

Now if we are to have the full Internet experience of Nio, you Perfumistas need to get busy and invent virtual scratch and sniff technology. Because to know Nio is to smell him. Let’s just leave it at that.

And there’s another part of the Nio experience missing on-line—moistness. He dribbles, he sprays, and most of all he slobbers and drools, and greets everyone he can with a robust stroke of his paintbrush tongue.

What can I say. This boy is a one-dog multi-sensory experience."


leopoldo said...

Oh Nio - you're too too snuggleworthy!

chayaruchama said...

Mama loves her slobbery 'ole stinkbutt beautyboy.


BitterGrace said...

How would y'all like to host him for a while? Think of him as a foreign exchange student, Leo. I'd tell you what he did yesterday, but it would tarnish his snuggleworthy image.

leopoldo said...

Tell! Tell!

BitterGrace said...

Okay, I'll do my Albert Goldman impression and ruin Elvis' rep.

I brought the dogs in before I left for my morning walk--normally everybody would stay out, but it was really cold. Nio does not get the run of the kitchen like the other two. I close him in the entryway with a baby gate.

I came back 2 hours later to discover that he had marked (i.e., peed on) every side of the entryway, plus on the gate for good measure. This wasn't a housetraining accident, it was deliberate spraying.

Now you know why he doesn't get the run of the kitchen. He's marked inside the house a time or two, but never anything like that. To be fair, I'm pretty sure Kobi had a seizure while I was gone and that probably upset him. Still, I consider that behavior completely intolerable. Unless it turns truly arctic outside, he's only coming inside to sleep until further notice.

Poor guy, he spent the first 2 years of his life completely outdoors, so it's not really his fault he's such a rube. Marking is a seriously ingrained habit once a dog is an adult. The trouble is, he really wants to be inside with us, he howls in misery if he's excluded. But I will live in the yard myself before I will live in a house that reeks of dog urine.

So, Leo, still want to dogsit?

leopoldo said...

Naughty boy. But you're right - tough to sort out in an adult.

I'd still snuggle and dogsit though, sure.