Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things that smell

I have a compulsion about getting outside first thing in the morning, and this time of year that means wandering around in the dark. I actually enjoy that. I know the trails well enough that I don't worry about falling, and being out so early means I get to hear lots of owls and meet the occasional raccoon. Among other things.

This morning I had just started charging along when I heard something rustle ahead of me. I instinctively stopped, and a big ol' skunk stepped out onto the trail, completely oblivious to my presence. He was close enough that I was afraid of startling him if I hollered, so I just turned back to the trail head and chose another route. I hadn't been walking more that a couple of minutes when I saw something moving along about 20 feet away. It was so big I thought at first it was a raccoon. Nope, another polecat. He was walking toward me, so I said, "Hey, skunk!" thinking it would send him scurrying off. Not only did he not stop, he quickened his pace in my direction. I had to back up, circle around him, and then climb down a bank and across a creek bed to resume my walk. I had gone maybe a half mile down the trail, and it was beginning to get light, when damn if I didn't see a third little stink beastie about 20 yards ahead. Fortunately, he just ambled on his way and I was able to do the same.

Seeing three skunks in a row can't be quite as happy an omen as Mary's deer. Not that I have anything against skunks, I just can't remember one ever bringing me good news.


While we're on the subject of things that smell, I've been meaning to mention my latest bargain-hunting prize: a bottle of Maison Berdoues Ambre Oliban, snagged at TJ Maxx. I have a tough time with heavy, ambery orientals, even in cold weather, which lord knows we haven't had much of around here. But MB Ambre Oliban, though it's got respectable richness and power, is extremely wearable. To my nose, it resembles AA Winter Delice, only minus the gingerbread-soaked-in-Pine-Sol element that makes WD nothing but expensive air freshener at my house. If you can't luck up on a bottle at TJ's, they've got decants at The Perfumed Court.


helg said...

Oh, I do hope three skunks is a good omen. They even came in a triadic-christian constellation! LOL!

Seriously, you walk and see animals, I walk and see cars and yachts. It takes all kinds...

Anonymous said...

Hey BG....

Skunk's Wisdom Includes:

Understanding how to "walk your talk"



Understanding energy flows





When I walk around the harbor, I run into skunks there every now and then. I give them alot of room. ;0

I took a walk around the lake yesterday and there weren't any odd animals crossing my path. The lake right now is home to a flock of Canadian Geese, a flock of common Geese and alot of ducks. Every once in a while a flock of about 3 to 4 majestic White Pelicans will grace the lake with their prescence. I love to watch them.


Anonymous said...

Skunks look so lovely don't they?

And theperfumedcourt seems to have every scent known to woman (men tend to know a lot less...).

leopoldo said...

Anon was me - I hit a button by clumsy fingered mistake.

BitterGrace said...

Leo, I'm so pleased to see you, but you should have just thought up a second comment and let me think I had a secret admirer. LOL

Dawn, what do you suppose is the skunk wisdom on energy flows? 'Cos I think that's my major issue at the moment. Unless I'm having reputation problems I don't know about.

Pelicans sounds lovely. Dave always talks about the pelicans when he goes to CA.

Helg, the idea of a skunk Trinity cracks me up. I dunno if it's a good or bad sign for somebody with my witchly tendencies, but I like it. ;-)