Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm afflicted with some sort of inner Puritan...

...who doesn't approve of hanging around the house on a Saturday night watching a DVD. I have this notion that I should either be out and about, or else hunkered down reading something hefty. The worst acceptable option is that I spend the evening writing a book review. Just lazing on the living room floor watching a mediocre movie with Dave seems like something an old and boring person would do.

So, I guess I'm getting old and boring, because last night Dave and I stayed home and watched Inside Man, Spike Lee's workmanlike yet incoherent thriller from 2006. It wasn't terrible, there just wasn't much meat in it. It was Lee's usual stew of New York corruption and ethnic squabbling with a side order of indecipherable conspiracy theory. The really distressing thing was that the luscious Clive Owen was masked in nearly every scene, while Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington were made to look as old and tired as possible. That is a serious waste of three pretty people, if you ask me. At least we got to see plenty of Chiwetel Ejiofor, looking cute as he can be. He's supposed to be in Danny Glover's upcoming film about Toussaint Louverture. I'll be in the theater for that one, for sure.

Terence Blanchard did the music for Inside Man. He's worked with Lee a lot, and did the score for a Lee movie I really love, 25th Hour. (You can sample the soundtrack at Amazon.) 25th Hour got very mixed reviews when it came out, but I think it's a profoundly sad, moving film. It wasn't until I listened to this interview last week with Blanchard that I realized how much his score had to do with my response to the movie. Edward Norton's performance is wonderful, but I'm not sure the film would work at all without Blanchard's music. I need to watch it again--but it will have to wait until another Saturday when I'm feeling old and boring.


Perfumeshrine said...

I loved, Loved LOVED Blanchard's score for 25th Hour (and I did love the film as well; sad and wonderful, as you say)...Thanks for mentioning it and I agree the score is instrumental (hehe) to the feel of the movie.

Inside Man wasn't too bad, agree. I mostly recall Foster's gams, which were quite a sight! The cast and direction were all right and it was a fun little movie. But not great art, no.

Unknown said...

Oh BG....

You need to quit *shoulding* on yourself.

Your mind is in constant motion, so maybe numbing out in front of the t.v. watching a movie is just the respite your mind needs from time to time. Ain't nothing old or boring about that. Sounds more like a hangup. So my rx for you is to watch more movies! ;0

By the way, we leave for Paris on Nov. 7th. I've been slowly getting things in order for our vacation. And I started packing the smaller items we'll be taking.
Can't wait! I need to get out of my real life for a while.


BitterGrace said...

I'm glad somebody else adored 25th Hour as much as I did, Helg. It's very underrated. ABout JF's legs--yep, I was fixated on them, too. Who knew she had legs like that? I just wish Lee hadn't been so curel in the way he shot her face.

Dawn, you're right--I need to watch more movies!
I hope your trip is a blast, without a moment of real life--at least, none of the dull parts. Have fun ;-)