Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let's go someplace gray and damp

Photo by Ron Almog via Wikimedia Commons

This is the Tolbooth Steeple in Glasgow. Dave and I are headed to Scotland over Thanksgiving. Glasgow will be home base, but we'll go to Edinburgh and who knows where else. We don't know, because that would involve planning, which is not really our best thing. We're cheerful, slothful tourists. We like to travel long distances just to hang out. It's not that we're opposed to seeing things. We just like to see them more by accident than design. I do, anyway, and after twenty years with me, Dave has pretty much resigned himself to my slacker mode of travel.

Why go to Scotland at the end of November? You might well ask. We expect to be cold and to get rained on a lot. I'd like to say that we chose the date out of sheer contrariness, but that's not quite true. There's a band here in Nashville that Dave sits in with from time to time, and they were supposed to have a gig there that week. They invited Dave to come over and join them, and I invited myself. Then the gig got postponed, but by that time I was stuck on the idea of going. I don't plan, but I do fixate. Indulgent husband Dave said we could make it a birthday trip for me, since I'm going to say goodbye to 45 that week.

So, I'll greet another year in the land of my ancestors, while Dave makes a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Presbyterianism. On the off chance that we're feeling energetic when we get there, I'd love to get some suggestions on things to see/do/ avoid. Chime in on the comments here if you know Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc. If you're shy, click on my profile to the right and email me.


Mary said...

Damn...I'd stow away in your suitcase if I could. Scotland in November sounds wonderfully gloomy and inspiring. We expect a full and complete travelogue.

BitterGrace said...

I wish you could stow away in our luggage, Mary, but I'm afraid even my 5 ml atomizers of perfume will run afoul of the anti-terror regs. A beautiful blonde witch in the carry-on is almost certainly prohibited.

I'll make sure Dave takes lots of pics. You wouldn't want to see mine.

Perfumeshrine said...

Dear M,

funny that we share this month of birthdays :-)

I LOVE Scotland and Glasgow and Edinburgh are really gorgeous both in their own capacity each of them.
I'd suggest you avoid the harbour area at night in the former, while you shouldn't miss the Royal Mile and the volcanic-based castle in the latter. I know they're both considered tourist attractions, but worth it!
There are also lots of small little pubs and clubs in Edinburgh worth visingthat gather cheerful people who go on partying afterhours at homes; you might even get invited at one, Scots are like that!

Anonymous said...

Move over Mary, that stow away spot is mine. ;)

Oh, your upcoming trip sounds wonderful. I for one would love the contrast... speaking of rain that is. How cool to spending your Thanksgiving in Scotland. I'm jealous.

I can totally relate to the slacker mode you speak of. I am much the same way. I love just hanging out instead of being rushed to see all the sights. Eventually I would see the sights, but I might have to stay for a month to get that accomplished. My hubby on the other hand is completely opposite, so, we end up compromising alot while on vacation.

I like how Helg described the small little pubs that gather with cheerful people.

Alan and I are going to Paris and Amsterdam next month also. We won't be spending Thanksgiving there, but I am so jazzed about this opportunity to visit those 2 places. I have never been to Europe and this trip means the world to me right now.

Cheers to traveling in November!

Bottoms up!


BitterGrace said...

Thanks for the recs, Helg. (Are you a Scorpio or a Sadge?) I'm really starting to get excited about this trip.

Dawn, I tried to talk D into a side jaunt to Paris, but no go. Maybe next year. I know you'll love every minute of your trip. Paris and Amsterdam sounds like a wonderful combo.

Perfumeshrine said...

The prickly one, M ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, Glasgow's a great city to hang out in, but side trips to Arran or Loch Lomond are easy enough and very much worth it. The islands are delightful...

Prepare for northern gloom!

BitterGrace said...

I always wanted to be a Scorpio, Helg, but I'm one of those goofy Sadges.

Northern gloom sounds like a good excuse to drink, Leo. Do they do much of that there?

Perfumeshrine said...

Oh, I do love Sadges, don't scoff it! And I think it shows you're one, judging for the penchant for the philosophical.

Northern gloom and drinking: practically brothers!!